Recycling Guidelines

All recycling must be tied and bagged; each bag can’t exceed 40lbs. 

Limit bags consisting of all glass to 20lbs.
Recycling does not need to be sorted, it is single stream. Please ensure your recycling is clean and does not contain any food product. If food product is present the recycling center will not accept. 

The list below contains the items our recycling center will accept. 
Single Stream Recycling includes:
* Newspaper (including inserts)
*Mixed Paper
* Phone Books & Magazines
* Steel or Tin Cans
* Chipboard (Cereal and Tissue Boxes) 
* Plastic (#1 - #7) Plastic Bottles or Tubs
*Empty Aerosol Cans
* Pie Tins
* Styrofoam block packaging-No other styrofoam
* Office Paper
* Brown Paper Bags
* Aluminum cans
* Glass Bottles and Jars
* Detergent Bottles
* Bulk or Junk Mail
* Compostable plastic
* Paper towels or napkins 
* Food wrappers
*Aluminum foil
* Plastic Milk Jugs
* Aseptic packaging (milk and orange juice cartons)
* Plastic or Styrofoam cups 
* 6 Pack Ring holders
* Plastic egg cartons
* Ceramics

* Clamshells or “to go” containers
* Plastic Plates, forks, or utensils
* Food boxes with cooking sleeves
* Used motor oil or antifreeze bottles 
* Pyrex or cooking glassware
* Plastic syringes
*Plastic -- Only recycle plastic bottles and tubs labelled


**Styrofoam block packaging is OK, however we cannot accept styrofoam cups, plates, or packing peanuts.
**Steel – Soup and food cans are OK. Please make sure any aerosol cans are totally empty including containers for shaving cream and hairspray. Labels are okay.
**Chipboard or Paperboard – This type of material includes; Cereal boxes, Soda carrier boxes, Tissue holders (Do not include tissues), Other food boxes such as popcorn or microwave food boxes (not the cooking sleeves), Paper egg cartons are okay, Paper towel and toilet paper tubes, flattened brown paper bags.

Corrugated Boxes: (Shipping Boxes) Please break down empty corrugated boxes and bundle (tie) boxes together; not to exceed 15lbs per bundle. 

Single Stream Recycling
Single Stream Recycling